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Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 348aa044

TeeJott-Fitness-Model Maurice Gernert, gallery 1

A great new Athlete from Germany & a great new TEEJOTT-FITNESS-MODEL

Here you can see the results of TeeJott’s first shooting with his new Fitness-Model Maurice Gernert. TeeJott met the young athlete from Essen (Germany) at FIBO 2014 in Cologne and the specialist for male models knew from the first second that this young talent has star-potential. Do not forget: this is Maurice’s first professional fitness-photo-shooting. And the results are just great. And this is just the start. TeeJott is convinced that he has found one of the great coming talents in the Fitness-Model-World: “ This young athlete will impress a lot of people and I know that he has the strength to fight for his goals. I will try to capture him as the powerful person that I see in him and I hope others will get inspired by him to aim at higher goals! Be prepared for some really great shootings in the near future… so… stay in touch… and, please, support Maurice and give him a LIKE at facebook!”


About TeeJott-Fitness-Model Maurice Gernert: In 2014, his first year as a contestant, Maurice has managed to participate in the IFBB / German Championship (DBFV e.V.) which is a top achievement. Watch out for his next competitions! Like his facebook-site then you will not miss his new pics & competitions.

Please support TeeJott-Fitness-Model Maurice Gernert and LIKE his page at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Maurice.Gernert.Bodybuilding?fref=ts

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Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 124015

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 622055

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 086aa011

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 302aa038

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 059004

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 120014

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 189025

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 608aa053

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 061005

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 195026

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 074010

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 640057

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 651062

TeeJott-Fitness-Model Maurice Gernert  www.teejottmodels.wordpress.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Maurice.Gernert.Bodybuilding?fref=ts

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Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 039001

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 047002

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 131016

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 140020

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 262031

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 263032

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 589049

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 305039

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 272034

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 654065

TeeJott-Fitness-Model Maurice Gernert  www.teejottmodels.wordpress.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Maurice.Gernert.Bodybuilding?fref=ts

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 653064

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 674068

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 164023

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 197028

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 285035

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 316040

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 351045

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 341042

Maurice-G-by-TeeJott-2014-04-A 196027

TeeJott-Fitness-Model Maurice Gernert, gallery 1, by TeeJott 2014

Photos by TeeJott  www.teejottmodels.wordpress.com

Maurice Gernert at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Maurice.Gernert.Bodybuilding?fref=ts

TeeJott & his Models at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TeeJott-TeeJott-Models/263574350354091


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