The new TeeJott-Calendar for 2016 !


The TeeJott-Calendar 2016 is available or you can pre-order it now internationally.

TeeJott 2016 Cover Model Hagen R

The Size of the Calendar is 12 inches x 16.5 inches = 30,5 cm x 41,9 cm.

TeeJott 2016 Backside Overview

On the Cover this time: The 18-year-old TeeJott-Top-Model HAGEN R. – a great fresh & new male model discovered and intensively trained to be a model by Photoartist & Male-Model-Instructor TeeJott. TeeJott about Hagen: “I am very satisfied with his conduct, he has behaved really great and has always followed my instructions perfectly. He is a very professional and disciplined young man who is prepared to learn from each photo-session to the next. When you look at his pictures you get a really strong impression of his will to make it to the top. Nobody who is interested in the photographic art and young male models should miss this. It does not matter if you look at the pics of Hagen online for free or if you buy the calendar to support him but I think he has deserved it to get all your support! Take a close look and you will understand what I mean.”

You can watch a short video-clip of Hagen on – want to watch it? Please follow the Link to YouTube:

TeeJott-Top-Model Hagen R. video teaser 1  TeeJott-Top-Model Hagen R. video teaser 2

Hagen is the Model for January 2016 in the Calendar:

TeeJott 2016-Top-Model Hagen R. January Model

You can support the photographic art and the casting of new TeeJott-Models by purchasing this new Black& White Photocalendar. You can buy one for yourself, that’s fab. But what is even better: Just think of all the people who would be happy to get this fine calendar as a present from you, Dear Visitor! You bring happiness to another person & you suppport a great Model-Casting & Model-Development Project for new young & fresh Male Model talents = TEEJOTT MODELS !  Give this calendar as a present to a good friend… the next birthday of a friend is coming… Try this and you will love it.

Here we show you some websites where you can get it or pre-order it:

United States of America:

United Kingdom and Skandinavia:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland:


Spain & Portugal:


New Zealand:


If your country is not among the countries mentioned above then please check the nearest of the above online stores. But you may also try to get it via: – this is an internet bookseller who is specialized in sending books & calendars to many many countries and chances are good that either via amazon or via bookdepository you should be able to get the calendar in any free and open and well-connected country on this planet.

If you want to order it the traditional way, hey, please DO so, then you only need the title “Young Men of Germany 2016″ and this international number:

ISBN/EAN: 9783867878784 

and you can order the TeeJott 2016 Calendar in many many bookstores around the globe and if we are allowed tell you a wish: please do so and keep the traditional bookstores going wherever possible!

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