NEW VIDEO on YOUTUBE: TeeJott-Top-Model Hagen R. having a spontaneous shower during a photoshoot

Summer of 2015, a very hot day in Germany. During a very intense photo-shooting with TeeJott his Model Hagen was getting hot and hotter and so he needed to cool down a bit… TeeJott seized the opportunity … and took this little video of Hagen under the shower. In Black & White. TeeJott said about the video: ” I did not want it to be a more or less normal shower-video but I wanted it to be art-movie-like. So you can say that is rather meant to be a short film than a video, it is meant to inspire the creative thinking of the viewers so that they can spin from this little inspiration a whole new film ihn their heads. That is why I shot it in black & white because sometimes people dream in black & white…”  so take all a look for yourself…

Follow this Link to Youtube:

TeeJott-Youtube-Video-Hagen-R-shower-2015-2 TeeJott-Youtube-Video-Hagen-R-shower-2015

During that same photo-shooting – shortly before the video was recorded – Hagen also had a quick workout in the fitness-room of the location where the photosession took place. Here you find two photographic impressions of that workout:

HAGEN-R-BY-TEEJOTT-2015-07-W 003021HAGEN-R-BY-TEEJOTT-2015-07-W 005022

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